Frequently asked questions - Retail

Here you will find all questions and answers about the topic of buying. Is your question nowhere to be found? Call us or write us a message!

Can I buy the used vehicle at any time?

In principle, the vehicles are to be sold immediately. There may be a short waiting period depending on availability and already booked rentals. In such situations we try to find a solution which meets all wishes.

Can I design the used vehicle individually?

To a certain extent, individual adjustments can be made to our used vehicles. These are carried out on an hourly basis of 130.-/h.

What equipment does a used vehicle have?

Our used vehicles are all equipped as complete campers. Depending on the model, the equipment differs in certain details. All vehicles have a rear kitchen and a double bed of the size 120x200cm with a quality mattress from Fanello. Our Classic models have a 3-seater bench in the driver's cabin and an electrically adjustable table which can be converted into a bed. Our Comfort and Family models have two single seats in the driver's cab and two additional seats in the rear, here the bed is provided by a folding mechanism. All Family models also have a high roof with another double bed measuring 120x210 cm. On all our vehicles we have fitted a rail on both sides for the use of an awning.

How many kilometres do the used vehicles have?

Our used vehicles have different mileage. These range from just under 2,000 to around 75,000 and we are happy to offer you different vehicles so that you can make a comparison.

Do you sell used cars?

We sell our vehicles of the rental fleet after a rental season as second-hand vehicles. So you can get a Fiat Talento or a Renault Traffic at an attractive price.

Can I design the new vehicle individually?

The new vehicle can be individually designed, if this is feasible by us.

What are the delivery times for a new vehicle?

Depending on the type of vehicle, different delivery times apply. Depending on the conversion project, this can take up to 6 months. Contact us early if you need to have your vehicle by a certain date.

Do you sell new cars?

Yes, we also sell new vehicles. Here we have Renault Trafic, Fiat Talento and Fiat Doblo Maxi models available.

Can I visit the vehicles?

Whenever possible we will be happy to show you our vehicles. Depending on availability and location the possibilities vary. The best thing is to call us briefly to arrange a viewing appointment.

Can I test drive my dream car?

You are welcome to test drive your dream car. Depending on the location and availability of the vehicle we have to coordinate this in advance. The best thing is to give us a short call to make an appointment.

Can I lease a vehicle?

Yes you can also lease a vehicle from us.

What kind of vehicles are you selling?

We sell basically vehicles from Renault and Fiat. From Renault we have the model Renault Trafic in our assortment. From Fiat you can choose between the model Fiat Talento or the Microcamper Fiat Doblo Maxi.

Is the camper suitable for car trains and ferries?

All car trains and ferries known to us can be used with the Yellowcamper. Multi-storey car parks can be used up to a height limit of 2.0 metres. ATTENTION: Please unscrew the roof antenna in advance if necessary. The vehicle is without roof antenna 1.97m with sleeping roof 2.10m high and 5.50m long (including trailer hitch).

Can I recharge my e-bike with the camper?

Yes, in the Yellowcamper Classic up to 600 Watt and in all other models up to 2000 Watt charging power.

Does the Yellowcamper have a trailer hitch?

Yes, the Yellowcamper has a trailer hitch.

  • Traction load 2.0 tons braked
  • Tensile load 750 kg unbraked
  • Drawbar load 80 kg

Technology & Electronics

Two ABB 230V sockets
Inverter (12V -> 230V) with 600 Watt/2000 Watt power output
ABB FI circuit breaker
Accessible car fuse box
CEE external plug socket
Six LED Touch deck lights and two LED reading lights
Fixed installed 150 Watt solar power value on roof (Sunpower cells)
Eberspächer parking heater with 4 KW output
Bluetooth, navigation device & rear view camera in cockpit

The interior fittings

"Queensize 140 x 200 cm bed (nordic)
Fanello mattress, Swiss made.
Integrated 31 litre Dometic cool box
Full-fledged Primus kitchen module with double hob (gas)
26 litre fresh water tank with water pump
Sliding door on both sides and tailgate
All-round curtains for darkening
Two side sliding doors with integrated sliding windows
Electrically adjustable inside seats with table"

How does the consumer battery charge?

The Yellowcamper has a second, big battery. This runs independently of the starter battery and is charged by the solar panel, while driving through the engine and when the vehicle is connected to the mains.