Frequently asked questions - Conversion

Here you will find all questions and answers on the subject of conversions. Is your question nowhere to be found? Call us or write us a message!

Can I have a parking heater installed?

Yes, we are happy to help you so that you do not have cold feet in winter. We have already had many good experiences with two different models. If you have a different idea we will try to realize it.

Can I have swivel seats installed?

If you already have a vehicle with two individual seats in the driver's compartment, the installation of swivel seats is feasible.

Is it possible to install the kitchen inside the vehicle?

Do you want your kitchen inside the vehicle or do you have a completely different idea of cooking in a camper? We would be happy to look at your project together with you and realize it according to your ideas!

What kind of kitchen system can I have installed in my camper?

We have made very good experiences with the kitchen system of the Soulboxx. This quality product is manufactured in Austria and is also installed in our rental vehicles.

Is the bed equipped with grate and mattress?

Yes, our beds come equipped with a grate (sleeping roof) or with a quality mattress from Fanello, which already has a grate integrated in the mattress.

How big is the built-in bed?

We have standard 120x200cm beds in our rental fleet. If you want a bed in your vehicle, you can choose the size freely. It depends on the space available in the vehicle.

Can I let you install a sleeping roof in my vehicle?

Yes, we also install a sleeping roof in your vehicle. Depending on the vehicle you need a different model. Call us or write us the information to your vehicle, then we can advise you.

I want to build a bed in my vehicle. What are my options?

Depending on the vehicle you have different options. We already have experience with bed constructions inside the vehicle or the installation of a high roof. The best thing to do is to contact us, then we can see together what is the most suitable solution for you.

Can I extend my vehicle with an additional battery?

You can upgrade your vehicle with us with an additional battery, so that you can feed your electricity. We will be happy to advise you which battery is suitable for you.

Can I have an inverter installed by you?

Yes we have various models of inverters. We would be happy to advise you which model is right for you.

Do you also install solar systems on my vehicle?

Yes, we will gladly install one or more solar panels on your vehicle.

How can I cover my electricity needs in the vehicle?

We have different possibilities to cover your electricity needs. You can use a solar panel on the roof to feed your electricity into a battery. You can connect your vehicle to an external power supply with an external socket. With the installation of a charging line, you can use the driving time to feed electricity into your battery.

Will my vehicle be inspected by you after the conversions?

Yes, everything that requires re-examination is checked by us.

Can I have my vehicle converted at any location?

All our conversions are carried out at our headquarters in Burgdorf. We gladly welcome you here to advise you on your project.

What costs should I expect?

On our installation packages page, you can see the prices for a complete package. You can buy the products you want and the work for the installation at an hourly rate of CHF 130. We will be happy to develop a non-binding quote for you. This way you can better estimate the costs.

What kind of products can I have installed by you?

We have different products from different manufacturers. This ensures that we have the right solution for every budget and every requirement. We see ourselves as professionals when it comes to individual solutions and therefore use the products that suit you best. We use products from Eberspächer (heating), Mastervolt (electricity) and SCA (high roof). For many products, we offer our Yellowcamper price performance products in addition to the branded products.

What kind of vehicles can be converted?

We basically convert every vehicle. The easiest way is to contact us with your ideas and vehicle details, and we can work together to bring your dreams to life!

Technology & Electronics

Two ABB 230V sockets
Inverter (12V -> 230V) with 600 Watt/2000 Watt power output
ABB FI circuit breaker
Accessible car fuse box
CEE external plug socket
Six LED Touch deck lights and two LED reading lights
Fixed installed 150 Watt solar power value on roof (Sunpower cells)
Eberspächer parking heater with 4 KW output
Bluetooth, navigation device & rear view camera in cockpit

How does the consumer battery charge?

The Yellowcamper has a second, big battery. This runs independently of the starter battery and is charged by the solar panel, while driving through the engine and when the vehicle is connected to the mains.