General terms and conditions

1. Tenant / driver

1.1. The tenant must be at least 21 years old at the time of rental and in possession of a driver's license for passenger cars valid for at least two years. According to the Swiss driving licence, this corresponds to category B (up to 3.5 tonnes).

1.2. Up to two additional drivers can be registered under the same conditions for a fee.

2. Prices and services

2.1. Our prices include value added tax of 7.7%. The minimum rental period is five days. No vehicles can be taken over or returned on Sundays and public holidays. You can find the opening hours of our locations >here.

2.2. Prices for long-term rentals are offered on request and depending on vehicle availability.

3. Payment / deposit

3.1. The entire rental price is payable upon completion of the booking via our website For offers outside of our website, a payment period of ten days applies.

4. Cancellation conditions

4.1. Basic price: In case of a cancellation with the basic price, no costs will be refunded. Any unpaid costs will be invoiced.

4.2. Flex fare: In case of cancellation with the flex fare up to 30 days before the start of the rental, the cancellation is free of charge and the costs will be refunded. If a booking with the flex fare is cancelled from 30 days before the start of the rental period, no refunds will be made.

4.3. Cancellation cost / travel insurance is the responsibility of the tenant. In case of cancellation, a cancellation confirmation will be issued for the insurance.

5. Insurance

5.1. The vehicle is covered by fully comprehensive insurance and third party liability insurance. A deductible of CHF 2'500.00 or CHF 1'500.00 can be chosen.

5.2. If a loss event leads to a loss of bonus protection, the additional premiums associated therewith may be charged to the lessee on a pro rata basis.

5.3. If the duties of care set out in Clause 10 are breached, no or only limited insurance cover may apply.

6. Accident / burglary

6.1. If the rented vehicle is involved in an accident or has been broken into, the local police as well as Yellowcamper AG must be informed immediately so that they can fulfill their obligation to notify the insurance company. A police report must be insisted on in all cases. In the event of an accident, all contact details of the persons involved (accident opponents, witnesses), as well as details of the course of events must be recorded or outlined. The extent of the damage to the rented vehicle and the other party involved in the accident must be documented with photos and/or sketches. The tenant or driver is instructed not to make any oral or written admissions of guilt. In addition, the European Accident Report, which is stored in the vehicle, must be completed and signed by the parties involved.

6.2. Stolen or damaged objects belonging to the tenant are not insured in the event of a break-in to the vehicle. Personal theft insurance is the responsibility of the tenant. This usually exists within the scope of the renter's own household insurance.

7. Damage / repairs

7.1. Repairs to the vehicle up to CHF / € 100.00 can be carried out by the tenant without the consent of Yellowcamper AG in a Fiat or Renault authorised workshop. Defects are to be recorded photographically, if visually visible, and the original receipts of the workshop carrying out the repairs are to be handed over to Yellowcamper AG. For repairs which exceed CHF / € 100.00, the agreement of Yellowcamper AG must be obtained in advance. In any case, a refund will only be made on presentation of the original invoice/receipt.

7.2. Yellowcamper AG must be notified quickly of any defects or damage that still exist when the vehicle is returned, so that a repair can be planned.

7.3. The failure of individual components of the vehicle, which do not make it impossible to continue the journey, does not entitle to any claim for damages against Yellowcamper AG.

7.4 Repair costs of a damage will be charged to the tenant up to the selected deductible. If a repair is more expensive than the selected deductible, only the deductible will be charged to the tenant.

7.5 The repair of a damage cannot in all cases be carried out immediately after the vehicle is taken back. A damage settlement can be passed on to the tenant a few weeks or months after taking back the vehicle.

8. Hidden damage

8.1 If hidden or unnoticed defects or damages are discovered after returning the vehicle, Yellowcamper AG has the right to prosecute the tenant for the repair.

9. Duty of care

9.1. The tenant undertakes to handle the vehicle with care. To this end, care will be taken to ensure the smooth functioning of the vehicle during the rental period. In particular, the oil and cooling water levels as well as the tyre pressure will be checked regularly - at least every 1,000 kilometres.

9.2. Smoking in the vehicle is prohibited.

9.3. The carrying of dogs is permitted with the additional choice of the dog cleaning flat rate.

9.4. The use of the vehicle for further rentals, for the transport of goods or for carrying out removals is prohibited.

9.5. The vehicle must not be driven under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medicines which impair fitness to drive.

9.6. In case of a defect, the tenant is obliged to do everything possible to keep the damage as small as possible.

9.7. If the vehicle fails due to improper handling during the rental period due to defect or accident, Yellowcamper AG declines any liability for the lost days and the repair.

10. Vehicle take-over/return

10.1. The vehicles can be taken over or returned from Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 16:30 and on Saturday from 08:00 to 11:30. The pick-up and return time chosen at the time of booking is binding.

10.2. The vehicle will be cleaned inside and outside on the agreed handover date/place and kept ready in perfect condition without any visible defects. This also includes the obligatory and optionally booked accessories. The handover will be recorded in writing and must be confirmed by the tenant.

10.3. If the booked vehicle is not available on the day of handover (late return by previous tenants, accidents, breakdowns etc.) due to causes for which Yellowcamper AG is not responsible, Yellowcamper AG will try to find an equivalent replacement vehicle. Should this not be possible, the payments made will be refunded in full. Yellowcamper AG rejects any further claims.

10.4. The vehicle is to be kept ready at the return date/place agreed in the rental contract. The return will be recorded in writing. Out of consideration for the next tenant, the return date must be strictly adhered to. Should this not be possible, Yellowcamper AG is to be contacted by telephone.

10.5. If, without prior agreement, the vehicle is late for collection, CHF 100.00 will be charged per hour of delay. Should financial damage arise from a late return, Yellowcamper AG reserves the right to claim damages.

10.6. The vehicle shall be returned swept clean inside and free of waste. In the event of heavy soiling, in particular if section 9.2 (smoking) or 9.3 (animals) is disregarded, the actual costs incurred for cleaning/renewal will be charged in addition to an administration fee of CHF 150.00.

10.7. Any damage to or in the vehicle as well as missing or damaged furniture will be charged to the tenant with a payment period of 10 days.

11. Unlimited kilometers

11.1. The rental price includes unlimited kilometres.

12. Fees and fuel

12.1. The vehicle is handed over with a full tank (diesel) and must be returned with a full tank. If this is not the case, we charge an administration fee in addition to the fuel costs.

12.2. Road and motorway tolls as well as costs for tunnels, bridges, car trains and ferries are the responsibility of the tenant. The Swiss motorway toll sticker is included in the rental price.

13. Traffic violations

13.1. Fines from traffic violations will be charged including bank charges for transfers abroad and an administration fee of CHF 20.00 to the tenant.

13.2. In the case of serious traffic violations, we report the faulty driver directly to the national or international authority responsible for dealing with the penalty.

13.3. Compliance with country-specific regulations when transporting objects on or on the vehicle (e.g. bicycles) is the responsibility of the tenant.

14. Place of jurisdiction, final provisions

14.1. In case of disputes, both parties exclusively agree on the place of jurisdiction of Yellowcamper AG (Bern, Switzerland). The present "Terms of Contract" come into force with the signing of the rental contract. Swiss law is applicable to this rental contract and to the contractual relationship as a whole, excluding any conflict of laws rules (especially PIL).