Liability insurance cover

Insured are claims for damages which are asserted against the insured persons on the basis of statutory liability provisions as a result of:

  • injury or death of persons (personal injury);
  • damage to or destruction of property (damage to property). Injury to or killing of animals is deemed equivalent to property damage.

Insurance cover is provided for personal injury and damage to property in the following situations:

  • during operation of the vehicle;
  • traffic accidents caused by the vehicle when it is not in use;
  • in the event of assistance following accidents involving the vehicle;
  • when getting in and out of the vehicle and when getting on and off it;
  • when opening and closing movable parts of the vehicle and when coupling or uncoupling a trailer or vehicle.


Claims are not insured:

1.2 from accidents at motor and cycling events in Switzerland and abroad in accordance with the provisions of Swiss road traffic law;

1.3 from damage to the insured vehicle, the trailer as well as from damage to objects attached to or transported in these vehicles.

1.4 from damage for which liability is assumed under the Swiss Federal Nuclear Energy Liability Act

1.5 from pure financial losses.

Liability is not insured:

2.1 of drivers who do not possess the legally required licence or who do not meet the corresponding requirements, as well as of persons for whom these defects were recognisable with due diligence;

2.2 of persons who have used the vehicle entrusted to them for journeys for which they were not authorised;

2.3 from journeys without official authorisation.

Hull insurance cover

The collision insurance covers damage to the insured vehicle caused by the direct impact of the following events. Up to the selected deductible, the insured person must pay for the damage him/herself.

1.1 Collision Damage caused by a sudden and violent external event (this includes in particular damage caused by impact, collision, tipping over, crashing, sinking in and sinking out). Torsion during tipping, loading and unloading is considered equivalent to a collision even without external impact.

Partial coverage insurance covers damage to the insured vehicle in accordance with paragraphs 12 to 20 without deduction of the deductible.

1.2 Theft Damage caused by theft, attempted theft, theft for use or robbery. However, damage caused by unlawful appropriation, embezzlement or fraud is not covered.

1.3 Elementary damage caused directly by the natural events of landslide, rockfall or rock fall (damage caused by stones falling directly onto the vehicle from above), flood, inundation, storm wind (= wind speed 75 km/h and more), hail, avalanche, snow pressure. The list is conclusive.

1.4 Glass breakage

1.4.1 Breakage damage to the vehicle parts listed below: Windscreens, side, rear and roof windows made of glass or of materials which serve as glass replacement.

1.4.2 No compensation shall be paid if the replacement or repair is not carried out or if the total repair costs (windows and other repair costs) equal or exceed the current value of the vehicle.

1.5 Glass breakage plus

1.5.1 Damage to vehicle parts made of glass or materials used as glass replacement.

1.6 Fire: damage caused by open fire, explosion and lightning. Damage to cables caused by so-called cable fire (short circuit) is also insured without open fire.

There is no insurance cover for warranty claims against third parties.

1.7 Snow slide: Damage caused by snow or ice falling from above onto the vehicle.

1.8 Animal damage: Damage caused by collision with animals.

1.9 Damage caused by martens: Damage caused by martens, especially bite and consequential damage.

Malicious damage:

2.0 Damage caused by wilful damage such as puncturing tyres.