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The Yellowcampers

We view free travel as a human right. Our mission is to offer the perfect camper for every trip. Therefore, we offer 3 models in two versions (FIAT and Renault). For down-to-earth Italian flavor, we offer models from FIAT, while our Renaults are suited for those who want a touch of French luxury. All have smart basic equipment such as a gas kitchen, auxiliary heater, and rear camera.

You can choose from our four famous models:

Comfort Deluxe
Renault Trafic
120 PS

Comfort Family Deluxe

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Fiat Talento
120 PS

Comfort Family



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Fiat Talento
125 PS


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Rental Locations

You can pick up your Yellowcamper from the following locations in Switzerland:

Rent a camper in three steps

It's that simple:

1. Find your Yellowcamper

Simply enter your departure point and travel dates and the search begins.

2. Select options

Choose your options, e.g., additional drivers, bed linens, and bike carrier. After payment, your vehicle is already reserved.

3. Pick up the camper and go!

After the final confirmation you will receive all the necessary information via E-mail and get ready for your adventure.


Whether you're bringing along the kids, buddies, or colleagues, or you're just wandering off into the unknown, all our camper models include a captivating basic set of features:

For those who love to cook

With the Soulboxx kitchen and the gas stove from Primus you can cook two dishes at the same time.

For those who like a cool drink

A solar panel ensures that the integrated cooler keeps everything fresh for a long time. The CEE external socket shifts the party outside.

For those who like it hot

The Eberspächer heater with 4 KW power keeps you toasty warm, from mountain peaks to the Scottish highlands.

For those who can't get enough travel

With the Yellowcamper, drive as many kilometres as you want – without a cent surcharge.

For those who are hooked

The trailer hitch enables you to carry bicycles, jet skis, and even your beloved saddle horse.

For those who want to be oriented

All Western Europe in the bag: The corresponding Navi is already pre-installed.

For those who want to be connected

Two ABB 230V outlets provide enough power for your hair dryer or the coffee machine.

For those with all-round views

The rear camera ensures good visibility even in dangerous situations.

Full insurance

An integrated, fully-comprehensive liability insurance Axa Winterthur provides peace of mind on your trip. Choose your deductible at CHF 2,500.– or CHF 1,500.–

Sparkling clean

Only get your hands dirty at the campfire. A complete interior and exterior cleaning of your Yellowcampers we take over as part of the obligatory basic package.


All you have to do is buy your own food: a full gas filling for the hob and kitchen utensils are included in the basic Yellowcamper package.

Europe-wide help

You are not (completely) alone: Also in the additional compulsory CHF 99.- includes European-wide 24h assistance. 0800 809 809

Frequently asked questions - Rental

Here you will find all questions and answers on the subject of renting. Is your question nowhere to be found? Call us or write us a message!

Can I buy a Yellowcamper?

Yes, we also sell our Yellowcampers. Contact us if you are interested.

What is included in the basic package?

The basic package covers the interior and exterior cleaning, assistance/ breakdown assistance valid throughout Europe, kitchen utensils, return and take-back of vehicles and technical repairs. The basic package is charged only once per booking.

How is the price calculated?

The total rental price is the sum of the daily rate, the basic package, and any options you choose.

How can we help?

We would be happy to discuss your request personally on the phone or via email. Thanks for connecting with us!

Thank you very much, we will contact you!
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