Frequently asked questions - Rental

Here you will find all questions and answers on the subject of renting. Is your question nowhere to be found? Call us or write us a message!

Reservation and conditions

How long do I have to rent a Yellowcamper?

The minimum rental period is 4 nights. The duration is calculated 24 hours a day from the time of pick-up. Example: Pick-up on Monday 14:00, return on Friday 14:00.

Which driving licence do I need to rent a Yellowcamper?

A category B licence is sufficient. Foreign driving licences must be valid for at least 30 days beyond the journey. If you want to tow a trailer with the Yellowcamper, you must also have a category E driving licence in your driver's license.

How old do I have to be to rent a Yellowcamper?

When collecting the vehicle, the main renter and all registered drivers must be at least 21 years old and have held a category B driving licence for two years. Should a trailer be towed with the Yellowcamper, appropriate additional tests must be entered in the driver's license.

What is included in the basic package?

The basic package covers the interior and exterior cleaning, assistance/ breakdown assistance valid throughout Europe, kitchen utensils, return and take-back of vehicles and technical repairs. The basic package is charged only once per booking.

How is the price calculated?

The total rental price is the sum of the daily rate, the basic package, and any options you choose.

How's the deposit and deductible work?

The deposit corresponds to the chosen insurance excess. This amounts to CHF 2'500 for the basic price and CHF 1'500 if the additional option Reduction deductible is booked. A security deposit of CHF 1'000 will be blocked on your credit card for the duration of your trip. Bank transfers and cash deposits are not possible.

Do I need to have a credit card to reserve the deposit?

Yes, Postfinance Card is a debit card and cannot be used for the deposit.

Which means of payment are accepted?

Postfinance Card, Visa, Mastercard et Diners Club.

Do I have to pay in advance?

Yes, in order to make a binding reservation for the camper, the total amount is due at the time of booking.

Can I leave my private vehicle at the rental station during the rental period?

We only have occasional parking spaces available at our locations in Aarau and Burgdorf, which can be booked for CHF 7 per day. The other locations have no long-term parking spaces.

When can I pick up and return my Yellowcamper?

The pickup and return is possible from Monday to Friday as well as on Saturday morning at most locations. The exact opening hours are listed in the Locations section.

What is the best way to travel to the rental station?

Our locations in Aarau, Burgdorf, Fribourg, Lausanne, Lucerne, St. Gallen and Zurich are quickly accessible by public transport as well as by car.

Vehicle and features

How much electricity is provided?

"The Yellowcamper Classic provides 600 Watt. This is sufficient for all chargers incl. e-bike. A coffee machine or a hair dryer is not possible.
All other Yellowcamper models provide max. 2000 Watt. With this power you can also operate a coffee machine or a hair dryer."

What power connections does the Yellowcamper have?

The Yellowcamper has two 230V sockets with an installed Swiss base.

How does the consumer battery charge?

The Yellowcamper has a second, big battery. This runs independently of the starter battery and is charged by the solar panel, while driving through the engine and when the vehicle is connected to the mains.

Can I take bicycles and e-bikes with me?

All our vehicles are equipped with a trailer hitch. Suitable vehicle carriers for two bicycles or e-bikes can be booked as an option.

For how many people is the Yellowcamper suitable?

Depending on the model, the vehicle is approved for two to four people and is equipped with 140 x 200 cm quality mattresses. Experience has shown that a family (two adults, one child up to 10 years of age) sleeps comfortably on a mattress. The width of the vehicle can be fully utilised - so nobody falls down.

Does the Yellowcamper have a trailer hitch?

Yes, the Yellowcamper has a trailer hitch.

  • Traction load 2.0 tons braked
  • Tensile load 750 kg unbraked
  • Drawbar load 80 kg

Technology & Electronics

Two ABB 230V sockets
Inverter (12V -> 230V) with 600 Watt/2000 Watt power output
ABB FI circuit breaker
Accessible car fuse box
CEE external plug socket
Six LED Touch deck lights and two LED reading lights
Fixed installed 150 Watt solar power value on roof (Sunpower cells)
Eberspächer parking heater with 4 KW output
Bluetooth, navigation device & rear view camera in cockpit

The interior fittings

"Queensize 140 x 200 cm bed (nordic)
Fanello mattress, Swiss made.
Integrated 31 litre Dometic cool box
Full-fledged Primus kitchen module with double hob (gas)
26 litre fresh water tank with water pump
Sliding door on both sides and tailgate
All-round curtains for darkening
Two side sliding doors with integrated sliding windows
Electrically adjustable inside seats with table"

Engine & Gear

"Fiat Talento 2018, 125 hp / Fiat Talento 2019, 120 hp / Renault Trafic 2019, 120 hp
max. approx. 185 km/h
Euro 6 emission standard
Diesel engine, approx. 75 litre tank capacity
Range approx. 1000 km
6-speed manual gearbox"

Vehicle mass

"Length: 5.50m (incl. trailer hitch)
Width: 1.96m (without outside mirror), 2.28m (with outside mirror)
Height: 1.97m
Wheelbase: 3.50m
Unladen weight approx. 2.4 tons / payload approx. 1.1 tons"

In which countries is a bicycle rack warning sign mandatory?

A red and white warning sign for bicycle racks is currently only mandatory in Italy and Spain. Of course, the rules do not only apply to the destination country, but also to the transit countries. If you have not affixed a red and white warning sign, a fine is due. Violations with regard to the warning sign are punished in Spain with a fine from 200 euros and in Italy with currently at least 80 euros. The warning sign in Spain differs from the warning sign for Italy and vice versa. Both are red and white, but there are subtle differences. Both countries stipulate that it should be made of sheet metal or aluminium. In addition, the sheet material must be reflective. The size of both warning signs is 50 x 50 cm.

Tip: There are also 2-sided printed warning signs, one side for Italy, the other for Spain.

Can I recharge my e-bike with the camper?

Yes, in the Yellowcamper Classic up to 600 Watt and in all other models up to 2000 Watt charging power.

Can I rent child seats and baby seats?

Seat boosters can be rented free of charge from us. Please let us know after booking. However, for hygienic reasons we do not offer child seats and baby seats. These must be brought along when you pick them up.

Can I fit a child seat or a baby seat?

Yes, the Yellowcamper Classic and the new Fiat models can be fitted with the existing 3-point safety belts for infant carriers and child seats. Our Renault vehicles have an ISOFIX mounting device on both rear seats. For safety reasons, the passenger airbag can be switched off with a rotary switch.

Do I have to return my Yellowcamper cleaned?

The vehicle must be broom-clean inside when returned. The rest of the interior and exterior cleaning is included in the basic package.

Travel and services

Do I have to fill up the vehicle before returning it?

Yes, the vehicle must be refueled before return. If the vehicle was not full at the time of pickup, it must be returned with the same fuel level.

How many kilometres can I drive with the Yellowcamper?

As many as you want: A booking with Yellowcamper always includes unlimited kilometers.

What does the Assistance include?

Our basic package includes a Europe-wide 24-hour breakdown service. The obligatory equipment (first aid kit, warning vests, certificates etc.) for travelling in Europe is included in the accessory box in the vehicle.

Is the insurance included in the basic price?

Yes, liability and fully comprehensive insurance with a deductible of CHF 2,500 are included in the basic price. The excess can be reduced to CHF 1,500 for a fee. Travel insurance is the responsibility of the tenant and is therefore not included.

Is the camper suitable for car trains and ferries?

All car trains and ferries known to us can be used with the Yellowcamper. Multi-storey car parks can be used up to a height limit of 2.0 metres. ATTENTION: Please unscrew the roof antenna in advance if necessary. The vehicle is without roof antenna 1.97m with sleeping roof 2.10m high and 5.50m long (including trailer hitch).

Where can I travel with my Yellowcamper?

All common European countries are possible for Yellowcamper trips. Allowed are: Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Macedonia, Morocco, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Yugoslavia, United Kingdom.

What damage can I have repaired myself?

None. Please call the AXA-24h hotline In the event of any incident:
from abroad 0041 58 218 11 00
from Switzerland 0800 809 809
Also report the damage directly to us on 0041 535 01 03 or


Can I buy a Yellowcamper?

Yes, we also sell our Yellowcampers. Contact us if you are interested.

Can I take my dog with me?

Yellowcamper has equipped campers for dogs. For an additional cleaning fee, which must be selected as an option when booking, a dog is allowed. Other animals are not allowed in the camper.

Can I have a look at the camper in advance?

For long-term rentals starting from 3 weeks we offer a previous inspection. Our website offers a large selection of pictures as well as detailed technical information (see above and "Vehicle and Extras") about the camper.