Where you can still go with the camper!
Campen in Switzerland

Where you can still go with the camper!

This year is the year of Domestic Holidays! How great! Switzerland has wonderful  places for which we sometimes do not have enough time to explore them properly. After all this "keeping still" it is now time for big adventures! With the camper off through Switzerland, we provide you with tips, ideas and information where to go. We are constantly expanding the following list - so check back regularly to stay up to date for your camping adventure!

  • Wildcamping in Switzerland
  • Camping on the farm
  • Switzerland unlimited - Road trip through the homeland

Wildcamping in Switzerland

In Switzerland, wild camping is allowed under very special conditions and only in certain places! However, there is no generally valid regulation. The legal regulations are a matter for the cantons, but more often they are even a matter for the municipalities and therefore vary from canton to canton and from municipality to municipality.

Tip: Always enquire on the spot! Check with the local government, tourist office, the caretaker or landowner if you want to park your camper outside a campsite overnight.

Free overnight stay in a campervan

Simply park the camper at a rest area, car park, off the road or in the open countryside and take a nap is also regulated by the canton or municipality and there are no nationwide regulations.

  • Motorway service area: It's best to call them quickly and ask for information. Some allow it.
  • Public places: Keep an eye out for prohibition signs and, in the best case, ask the municipality about camping possibilities.

Here too: Call and ask nicely is the way to go!

You can find more information and the cantonal regulations on wild camping here.

Also important: Take care of nature!

  • Respect your surroundings and nature - only put campers in a suitable place
  • Be considerate of the environment - do not disturb wild animals and avoid noise
  • Take nothing but memories, leave nothing but footsteps - leave the place as you found it!
  • Check regularly the current situation of the forest fire danger e.g. here.

Camping on the farm

You don't like wild camping, but you still want an adventure? Camping on the farm, sleeping on straw or on the alp makes it possible! The adventure farms in Switzerland offer family and children's holidays, farm shops, enjoyment and events all in one! Some farms also have individual pitches for your camper! It's best to ask in advance if there is still room!

You can find information about accommodation under:

Switzerland unlimited - Road trip through the homeland

When the borders are closed it is time to explore your own home! When do you take the time to visit the national highlights? We know from personal experience: unfortunately much too little! However, Switzerland has many attractions that are well worth a visit.

Top ten sights

You always wanted to admire the Matterhorn, the Rhine Falls or the Aletsch Glacier? But didn't feel like going on a tourist rush? Now is the perfect time to visit exactly these highlights! How about one of our suggestions?

  1. Creux du van: Or also the Grand Canyon of Switzerland!
  2. Matterhorn: Perfect summer hiking area!
  3. St. Gotthard Pass: Fantastic camper route
  4. The Rhine Falls: The largest waterfall in Europe!
  5. Aletsch Glacier: A cool breeze guaranteed in summer! (picture ok)
  6. Jungfraujoch: Top of Europe!
  7. Chillon Castle: The historical highlight on Lake Geneva
  8. Rhine Gorge: Discover the signs of the 10'000 year old rockfall
  9. Trift bridge: A head for heights is a prerequisite here
  10. Ballenberg Open-Air Museum: A leap back in time

The Rhine Falls in Schaffhausen
St. Gotthard pass road ©Switzerland Tourism
Aletsch Glacier ©Aletsch Arena
Rhine Gorge in Flims ©LAAX / Danuser

Swiss parks

You always wanted to go to the Swiss National Park, but then the more exciting, bigger, wilder, more exotic park abroad came along? Explore the Swiss park landscape this summer and you will notice that it is also exciting, varied and full of wildlife!

Swiss National Park ©Switzerland Tourism

In addition to the Swiss National Park, there is a large selection of Swiss parks, which you are welcome to explore, for example:

Parc Chasseral ©D. Abort
Biosfära Val Müstair ©FOEN
Diemtigtal Park ©M. Wymann
Jura vaudois park ©FOEN

Grand Tour of Switzerland

Probably the most famous route to explore Switzerland by camper is the Grant Tour of Switzerland. The route can be adapted to your needs. We are sure that you too will find your dream trip on the 1'643 kilometres! You will be able to move between 193 and 2'429 meters above sea level and can easily combine your choice of the above attractions! Just follow the signs and experience your Swiss adventure!

Route network Grand Tour of Switzerland

You can find more information about the Grand Tour of Switzerland here. Just follow the signs and your Swiss adventure can begin!